Shopify Plus

Are searching for a top-rated and scalable enterprise solution? On your search, you can affirm that many experts and colleagues are suggesting Shopify Plus as the best portion. Certainly, this platform is leading in this area. However, on deep and insightful analysis, you find that Shopify does not fit in your choice. The platform seems expensive and comes with many restrictions. This aspect makes them follow apart with your plan.

As a webpreneur, you need an affordable platform, and with the capacity to boost your business. If this is your case, you should defy experts recommendations and consider other e-commerce platforms. This article presents two scalable enterprise e-commerce solutions to consider when Shopify plus is not your taste. Here they are:


Like Shopify, BigCommerce is a top-ranking e-commerce platform. The platform uses a customer-based development approach. It is built to meet customer requirements through providing features and tools you need to serve your clients in a better way. Unlike Shopify plus, BigCommerce provides you with few apps.

This way, it ensures you do not overload your website. As you know, a large number of apps hurt your site loading speed. This platform ensures your customer service delivery is of a high note by offering apps you need. Hence, you will always make your customers happy leading to a high retention rate.

Magento enterprise

Having the freedom to build a platform from scratch is the best experience for every entrepreneur. The freedom allows you to turn your thoughts and ideas into reality. If you are searching for a platform to realize this objective, Magento enterprise is a good idea. Magento is a renowned open source e-commerce platform. The platform allows you to access the backend codes to tweak them and make your desired features. This way, you have zero limitations on customization of your website. However, you need to be a coding expert. You must understand how to use coding language to build a website.

Alternatively, you need to hire a coding guru to do the work for you. Apart from this, you need to invest some cash for adding third-party security features and software updates. Despite this, the customization and flexibility freedom that comes with this platform is a good idea for making your online business stand out.

In a word, you should not restrict yourself to Shopify plus. If it does not serve your taste, you need to consider other scalable enterprise platforms such as BigCommerce and Magento Enterprise.

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