online enterprise venture

Having an e-commerce business is one of the best experience. With one, you open millions of opportunities. First, you can sell to any person across the globe. Also, your business is up and running 24/7. You do not have limitations on the number of customers you can serve. However, having the right e-commerce platform is paramount. Your platform determines your sales level and profitability. Particularly, when running an online enterprise venture, you must choose a platform that provides features to process large transactions.

Many experts will recommend Shopify plus when you ask them about a scalable enterprise e-commerce solution for your business. Nevertheless, following their choice may be the beginning of your fail in business.  To help you make conscious decisions, here are three ways Shopify plus can be a bad choice for you:

When you want to keep the whole profit

The purpose of a business is to make a profit. You invest your hard-earned cash to generate some revenue. For this reason, you’re only willing to spend your cash on aspects that bring more revenue to your wallet. Any idea whose purpose is to take a share of your profit faces resistance. If this is your nature, Shopify plus is a bad choice. When running your business on it, you must be ready to surrender part of your profit as a commission when your sales exceed the set limits. Hence, if you’re not ready for this, you should consider another enterprise platform.

When your dream is to be unique

One shortcoming of Shopify is the SaaS aspect. Under this aspect, you only use the availed features and themes on your website. You do not have a say on the look of your site. As you know, your favorite template must be another person’s choice. This fact means that your online store will have a similar look with another one in your niche. With these similarities, it is hard to stand out in the crowd. Also, there are high chances of losing customers to your competitors. Hence, if you desire to stand out, you should not consider Shopify plus.

Requiring extra customization freedoms

The more opportunities for customization available for you, the high the chance of becoming competitive and noticeable in your niche. For Shopify plus, you have limitations on how far you can customize your online store. You cannot access the back-end codes, which are the pillars of customization. Hence, if you’re seeking extra customization freedoms, Shopify should not be your choice

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